Have you had an encounter with a medic that made you feel uncomfortable? We  are in the work of building community care for the long-haul. We know that racism and oppression exist in all levels of our society, and that our revolutionary work is to continue to disrupt them everywhere - including in our own bodies. Are there things you would like to tell us? We are open to hearing about negative, uncomfortable, or hurtful experiences with medics you've encountered so we can continue to build a movement that is grounded in healing, not continuing to replicate systemic violence.

North Star Health Collective is one of many groups using the name ‘medic’ in the Twin Cities right now.  We endeavor to be accountable to our community.  This information will be used to start conversations with the persons involved if we are able to identify them and to hold medics operating as part of NSHC to the agreements and protocols discussed in the vetting process.

This form is anonymous and you do not have to leave us any identifying information. If you would like us to follow up with you, please feel free to leave contact information. If you don't want to do that, please leave it blank.

This accountability form is hosted on a separate - secure - server hosted by friends well versed in information security. The information you're entering will be stored separately from our website or google email - instead all info will be sent to a secure protonmail account, through a secure private server. If you have any questions about information entered here, please feel free to just submit this form with the additional questions slot filled in, and some way to contact you. The safety of our medics, including your information's safety, is our first priority.