Local Resources for activists & providers

There are many organizations in the Twin Cities area that can help connect you with a variety of different modalities of care. 

Cedar-Riverside People’s Clinic

MN Transgender Health Association is is committed to improving health care access and the quality of health care received by trans and gender non-conforming people through education, resources, and advocacy. 


Red Door Clinic

Family Tree Clinic believes each individual person is deserving of not only high-quality and affordable services, but also of affirming, individualized, and respectful care. Family tree clinic provides sliding fee services with a focus on providing affirming care and education to marginalized communities.

RECLAIM works to increase access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth* may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.

People's Movement Center ​is a collective of people of color and indigenous, of queer and trans practitioners and healers. They use their space for individual healing sessions, for group and collective healing spaces, and for all kinds of experiential learning and celebration. 

Find low/no-cost health care in Hennepin County