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about the collective


The North Star Health Collective was created in response to the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St. Paul September 1-4, 2008. We coordinated and provided health care services, resources, and training to ensure the safety of our community over the weeks before, during, and after the RNC. Thousands of community members and families attended protests against the RNC.

Who is involved? Our organizing collective core includes health providers— physicians, nurses, healers, herbalists, doulas. Many of us are also long term community organizers with diverse experience across a range of social sectors—affordable housing, environmental justice, women’s health, human rights.

How are you working with organizers and protest planners? We work in alliance with mainstream and anti-authoritarian organizations to create a safe and healthy events. We stand in solidarity with the need for diverse strategies and tactics. We will not denounce fellow activists or organizations. That said, we believe in harm reduction. We are working behind the scenes to reduce risks. We believe in maintaining open lines of communication.


What are street medics? We have a long history.  Street medic collectives exist across the world.


How can I or my organization get involved with Northstar Health Collective?

We’re happy to work with you as long as you share our points of unity and can follow our guidelines for membership. Contact for questions

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