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Do No Harm. Take No Shit. 

What We Do

North Star is a community health collective focused on providing first aid and emergency care at protests, direct actions, and in moments of general upheaval around the Twin Cities and across so-called Minnesota. We train and support local street medics, as well as partner organizations and the broader community. If you would like us to support your event or provide any trainings, contact us.

Who We Are

We follow in the footsteps of radical medics active throughout the history of the so-called United States. We organize through a horizontal spokescouncil model and base our work in the ethics of consent and mutual aid and the struggle for collective liberation.


Get Involved

There are lots of amazing community members who make North Star possible. Many of us are most active as street medics, while others focus on logistics, training, or dispatch. If you'd like to learn more and get involved with our work, contact us.

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